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Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Ganache Filling

If you don’t have a copy of the May & June issue of Cook’s Illustrated I would highly recommend getting one.  Or you can go here, start your subscription and print it off the web. Yesterday my wife and I tried the recipe for the above mentioned cupcakes and they were a great hit.  Our children were impatient while we made them, but soon went into chocolate comas after eating one.  We took the cupcakes over to some friends who had us over for dinner and they raved about how wonderful they were.

Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes

The cupcakes were everything the recipe promised they would be; “a moist, tender (but not crumbly) crumb capped with just enough creamy, not too sweet frosting.”  We doubled the recipe (so we would have some left over after dinner at our friends) and were able to make 30 cupcakes so our muffin tins must be smaller than the ones CI used for theirs.  Also, the batter is very loose so don’t panic, they bake up wonderfully!

A bit of advice; try using a flavored coffee in the recipe.  We used Berres Brothers Chocolate Raspberry and made the coffee strong (we like it that way).  This gave the cupcakes a hit of raspberry flavor that was very enjoyable.

These cupcakes are very rich so a glass of cold milk or cup of coffee is a nice compliment to them.

After making these cupcakes a box mix will be the last thing you reach for (or maybe you will resort to the box when unwanted guests stop by).  trust me you are worth the time and effort of these cupcakes!

PS. so are the people you love!