so take the time to make it taste good!

You eat it!

When younger, my siblings and i would dare each other to eat strange concoctions. Things that would make someone gag… i mean that was the whole point right?  Why do it otherwise?

As i got older, and my circle of friends became larger, this game continued and usually included foods that could burn a hole through your stomach. It’s not that we did not appreciate food, it’s just that we had a warped sense of humor.

As i got older i matured – really i did.  And with age comes wisdom and appreciation for the foods i enjoy.

That’s what this blog is about.  Every meal prepared should be worth sitting down to.  Don’t cook food simple to fill a hole in your gut.  It take so little time to turn something  that is just edible into something memorable.  Ask yourself.  I’m worth good food, aren’t i?  My family, friends, whomever … they’re worth it, right?

That’s what i would like to do here – make your meal worthy of those eating it.


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